How I found my icon

IMG_20170816_164511523~2This is how Chris and I look together.  Chris is a special second grader I had the privilege to meet last school year.  He got all the important bits right..the earrings,the mop of curls on the top of my head and the big grin.  I adore this drawing.

Jyair’s pencil

I saw Jyair writing with his little stub of a pencil and said it would make a great earring.  He said no way and I said if you trade it for a big pencil I will come in tomorrow with pencil earrings.  Silly boy didn’t believe me!


Diving into the abyss

I’m an artist/ teacher and hoping to make things easier for others by sharing my projects.  I hope that others will share with me as well and make my life easier.  Perhaps I need to learn something new.  I really don’t know.  Late in life I discovered I love to work with special needs kids being a non verbal type.   I have no idea about what I’m doing or where I’m going with this blog thing but I can’t wait for it to be fun.  The learning curve is steep for me and I’m mildly frustrated.  I always encourage kids to take risks and so I am taking my own advice and diving into the abyss.  My personal work can be seen at or