Give a teacher some love

I found some old report cards that my mother kept.  One was from my kindergarten teacher.  In the report she praised my art ability and said she wanted my parents to keep in touch and let her know how I was doing.


I decided to try and reach out to her and let her know how I turned out.  She had an online presence and I sent an email.  I invited her to my opening at Grounds for Sculpture in 2011.


Mabel and I reunited at the opening.  She is shorter than I remember!

I have so many very clear memories of my time in kindergarten.  I was so curious about learning and loved school and Mrs Willing.  After that I mostly remember the stings and bruises of surviving school.  As a teaching type we put ourselves out there trying to spark that curiosity for learning in others.  We never know what tiny differences we make in the lives of others.  I’m old enough to have some students quote me though.  It’s kind of scary but they where good quotes.  My kindergarten teacher gave me the courage to stay curious throughout my life.  I am so happy to have shared my story with her and have her in my life again.  I am still learning from this remarkable educator

So if you can…… tell a teacher you love them!



4 thoughts on “Give a teacher some love

  1. That’s incredible! I am so glad that the relationship of educator/student has come full circle as it looks like you’ve both inspired and impacted each other’s lives and work! I’m definitely going to take your advice and reach out more to the teachers who’ve made a difference in my life.

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