STEAM at RT Cream School

I just finished a 5 day residency at RT Cream school in Camden with a second and fourth grade class.  We made contraptions with a basic electric circuit.

I looked like Santa with my trash bags and a cart of materials going from class to class.  We took 4th grade to the cafeteria to work since the classroom was so small.  It wasn’t ideal given that being organized is hard for me in ideal situations!   I would do it again in a heartbeat.

IMG_20180504_175522778This is what a circuit with a battery ,switch, and motor looks like to a second grader.  I am pleased that almost 100% of the kids mastered this and can wire a circuit themselves.

IMG_20180504_130719060In fourth grade we started with doodlebots and vibration motors.  They were such a great group I added pulleys and we made car like things.  They earned the right to use hot glue so we could do more.  Five days was way too short with this group.  They were so engaged and became independent creative thinkers very fast.

Second grade started with doodlebots and then made vibration motor animals using a piece of foam noodle as a casing for the electric parts and adding decorations.  The photos just can’t show how much fun I had with these kids.


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