I’m old and struggling

I started this blog with a big push from a friend that knew how it worked.  I really love teaching and am insanely curious and love making art with others.  This summer my contract runs out and I’m not sure about continueing….  Personally as an artist though I feel like I have nothing else to say or “store” being a sculptor.   Then I get folks signing on to get the blog! WTF!…thanks for keeping me going to the next one….Facebook with the thumbs up likes or hearts doesn’t do it for me.  I really crave some conversation especially with younguns.  I might need a bit of help with tech but bring it on please.  I think so many of us need to communicate with each other.

Not sure that this is why i started the blog but being real works for me

Wowza MUJC

Today we laid it all out on the floor and it looks amazing so far.  I’m finding that mosaic and making small clay parts with cookie cutters and handmade partsIMG_20180404_111633888 when possible is ideal for this community of learners.  Paper mache also.  I think these kids benefit greatly from hands on tactile repetitive experiences.  These are techniques that work with all levels of ability to create a fabulous whole.  Today Dasante came running into the art room with a big smile on his face.  We all need more art then we get normally.  It touches us in places that can’t be measured.  It touches these children in ways we should be paying more attention too.IMG_20180404_111658113IMG_20180404_111721607Dasante’s butterfly

I’m happy that I got the proportions right!