It is an app with alot of potential for fun learning but not with the kids I work with at Bancroft Voorhees.  This population of learners needs more to touch in order to make choices and participate.  I feel like I was doing too much of the decision making so this idea isn’t among my successes.  In general making art with an Ipad doesn’t work well with severely disabled kids.  This is just my opinion and I always think i just haven’t found a way to make it work yet.  I started out having kids choose a shape from shapes made for me with a 3D printer.


Then we picked that shape in the app and added drawing or stickers or photos.  The app allows you to take a photo or access a photo from your camera roll.  IMG_0442



They then were sent to teachers to print.  I will help put them together and the kids can look at them close up and feel them.  The school printer doesn’t print on cardstock but that would be preferred.  I REALLY need a spring project so I’m moving on to Koinobori….  Carp windsocks…lots of color ,light, movement, and textures to feel.