Totem part 3

Today I attached the handmade tiles to the form.  I use red sculpture clay so whatever leftovers I have I use for these projects.  Since this will be outdoors the tiles need to be frostproof so they are fired to cone 5.  I used thinset for attaching the tile.  I like Custom Building products and use their versabond or flexbond.  The next step will be to take the sections back to Bancroft when school starts and we will fill in the blank areas with glass tile.  Commercial glass mosaic tile or porcelain are suitable for outside projects.  I took the photo before cleaning thinset off the tiles.  There is quite a bit of clean up in cement projects!


Seeing all those smiling mouths brings me good memories.  Grayson loved to laugh and I loved making funny noises to get him laughing.  I miss that kid.


Setting tiles


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