How to build a totem form for outdoors Part one

I have done this so many ways depending on the situation but this is how I will build a form for the Bancroft totem.  I’m starting with a builders tube from a Lowes.  I cut it into 6 inch sections with a utility knife.  One for every child that has passed this year.  I made one section 2 ft high to bring the parts closer to eye level and protect the artwork.  I made plywood circles the size of the inside diameter of the tubes with a center hole the size of 2 inch pvc plumbing pipe and attached them top and bottom to the builders tubes with brads.  Each section has a piece of pvc pipe through the center.  These sections are then covered with either hardware cloth or stucco lath.  I attach the wire cloth or lath with rebar wire loops that I twist on the inside and pull tight with pliers.   I attach the wire to the plywood with a staple gun.IMG_20170824_090953966~2

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