Sumner Stopmotion

I did a short 12 day stopmotion residency for a second grade class at Sumner School in Camden this school year with Ipads.  A grant from Suburu provided 4 Ipads for us to use.  To get started we invited the poet Anndee Hochman /  to help us write some lines to animate about the butterfly life cycle.  I made stands to attach to tables.  I will share that later.  I do cut paper animation.  That is what I know and what we did.  We used Istopmotion to film each line and edited in Imovie.  Istopmotion isn’t free but very easy to use and to add sound.  The animation chefs on youtube are a great resource.  If you are on a very tight budget Imovie works and is free but barebones.  We divided the class into 4 teams.  this is one of their movies.  they are rough but so adorable.


This little gem was made by a very gifted third grader named Gemmanie


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